How to repair your leaking METAL ROOF quickly using OMEGA WATERPROOFING TAPE

How to repair your leaking METAL ROOF quickly using OMEGA WATERPROOFING TAPE

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In this video we are going to talk about the use of OMEGA WATERPROOFING TAPE in solving your water leakage problem in metal sheet roofs.
The water leakage in metal sheet roofs mostly happens due to three reasons
1. Leakage from seam joint between the two sheets
2. Water leaking due to holes in metal sheets
3. Any leakage that may have started from the points where screws or J hooks are installed to hold the metal roofing sheet in place
Now you have a costly and cumbersome choice to either change the metal roof or use OMEGA WATERPROOFING TAPE which offers you a low cost, quick, easy, reliable and durable solution.
OMEGA FLASHING TAPE is a self-adhesive waterproofing tape with a long lasting butyl adhesive on one side and a UV protection aluminium backing on the outer side.
The butyl adhesive is capable to handle large temperature changes and the aluminium provides the much required reinforcement and UV protection.
In this video you can see a metal roof repair job being done with the help of OMEGA FLASHING TAPE in Dhaka, Bangladesh
For best results:
1. Clean the surface to be repaired off any impurities such as dust, rust, debris, oil, grease, water etc.
2. Cut the WATERPROOFING TAPE as per the length required
3. Peel the easy release liner and
4. Stick the WATERPROOFING TAPE on the surface to be repaired
5. Ensure to press OMEGA WATERPROOFING TAPE firmly so that you get a proper and long lasting adhesion
6. Now you can rest assured of zero leakage
For small holes and leakages you can just cut small pieces of the tape and stick it over the point of leakage. That is a quick fix for life
We hope this video helps solving your leakage problem. In case you have any further queries or need our support, please feel free to call us anytime. We will be happy to help.
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