Ask A Designer: How To Layer A Rug Over Carpet

Ask A Designer: How To Layer A Rug Over Carpet

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17 June, 2024
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Layering rugs is on trend, but is it okay to layer a rug over carpet? H&H’s Joel Bray and Jennifer Koper say yes and offer expert advice on how to achieve this cozy and textured look!

Joel and Jennifer’s trick to mastering this style is approaching it with a boho aesthetic. It’s important to consider the thickness of the rug that will be layered over carpet. Joel and Jennifer suggest choosing a lightweight rug to avoid a tripping hazard, like a Berber rug as opposed to sisal or seagrass. Get their tip to prevent the rug from shifting out of place, and find out how to position the rug in relation to the room’s furniture. Watch the video for the full scoop!

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