25 Meter (SCM) Backyard Lap Pool Construction Timelapse

25 Meter (SCM) Backyard Lap Pool Construction Timelapse

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Construction of 25 Meter, two lane lap pool. 85K gallons.

Best viewed on TV in 1080P.

Video is geared towards the pool construction enthusiast audience - might be a bit long-winded for the casual viewer - apologies.

Edit: For those viewers that are "pool nerds" like me - here are some fun specs on the pool.

Length: 82’
Width: Main pool area: 19’
Bench / Baja / Spa sections: 33’
Depth: Baja Shelf / back bench: ~22”
Around spa: 3’
Shallow end lap lanes: 4’
Centerline of pool: 4’6”
Deep end: 10’

600 cubic yards volume in ground
72 x 12-yard-trucks hauled off
(3 work days - 5 guys)

~18,000 LF #4 rebar
(1.5 work days - 4 guys)

~300 LF 3" PVC
~1,300 LF 2" PVC
~350 LF 1.5" PVC
(6 work days - 3 guys)

190 cubic yards (probably more like 160 in place after rebound loss and shot compression)
10" walls top to bottom, 9" floors
(1.5 work days ~ 18 guys)

1st clean-up:
30 cubic yards
(0.5 work days - 4 guys)

Tile & Coping:
400 SF glass
220 SF split-face
330 LF 5cm coping
(10 work days - 4 guys)

32 cubic yards
(3 work days ~12 guys)

7 cubic yards of Wet-Edge Southern Lights
(0.75 work days ~30 guys)

Total Construction Time without flood would have likely landed between 4 and 6 months (depending on how much we hired out vs doing ourselves.)
With the flood and rebuilding the house though, it stretched to about 3 years - with long breaks in-between phases of the pool project post-flood.

Equipment package:
2 x Pentair Intelliflo VS Pumps
2 x Pentair Quad DE 100 Filters
2 x Pentair MasterTemp 400K BTU Cupro-Nickel Heaters
1 x Pentair Intellitouch i10+3D
1 x Pentair Mobile-touch Wireless Control
1 x Pentair Screen Logic 2 Wireless Interface
5 x Pentair Intellivalve Actuator
1 x Pentair Intelliflo XF Booster Pump (Spa)
3 x Pentair Intellibrite 5g spa lights
4 x Pentair Intellibrite 5g pool lights
1 x QT 2HP Blower (Spa)
4 x Color Match Superflo 360 Drains
1 x Paramount ParaLevel Auto-Fill
4 x Paramount Venturi Skimmers
3 x 30 gal Stenner Chem tanks/pumps

A lot of folks are asking about price in the comments section
It's easier for me to explain it here and it makes more sense to provide a range. (2017 dollars)
That range is dependent on several variables including regional pricing for labor and materials, engineering requirements due to soil conditions, how much work is contracted out vs. done by the home owner, water features, deck equipment selection and the quality of the materials / equipment used.
Low-end: If engineering requirements were minimal, soil conditions were ideal, regional pricing was average, standard plaster (non-aggregate finish) were selected, less expensive tile were used, water features were minimal and the home owner built a lot of the non-technical parts of the project themselves (IE: landscaping), a project like this could reasonably run around $200K.

High end: If the engineering design called for additional structural components (thicker walls, piers under the shell, etc), regional pricing for labor and materials were higher than average, the property sat atop bedrock, premium selections on plaster, tile, equipment and water features were selected, and all aspects of the project were run through contractors, it could easily run up into the $300k-$400k range or more.

This pool came in towards the lower end of the pricing spectrum due to favorable soil conditions (no rock for excavators, no engineering requirements for structural piers), favorable material and labor market and doing much of the non-technical work on our own.

Another question several people have asked in the comments section is what the monthly maintenance cost is. The short answer is that it varies quite a bit month to month. To get it to a stable monthly value, the annual cost /12 would probably be the easiest method. (These are approximate numbers)
Annual: (Updated for 2023 pricing)
200 gallons Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5%: $600
60 gallons Muriatic Acid 31.45%: $280
200# sodium bicarbonate: $100
110# boric acid: $240
150# tri-chlor: $600
60k gal water (evaporation assuming no rain): $390
(Surprisingly, this is less than half the amount of water it took to keep grass alive per year before the pool)
250 MMBTU natural gas: $3,000
Mechanical maintenance: $2,000
8,300 kWh Electricity: $1,162

There are some other random items like calcium chloride, diatomaceous earth, pool brushes, etc that come up periodically but they can probably be wrapped up in that $1k mechanical maintenance figure.

$8,372/ 12 = $698/mo

We do the maintenance ourselves. Otherwise the labor would likely be the highest cost.

I hope you enjoy the time-lapse.


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