Easy To Build Summer Projects. Make Money Woodworking.

Easy To Build Summer Projects. Make Money Woodworking.

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Make Money Woodworking
Projects That Sell

These summer projects are a great addition to your backyard, but also, somebody elses. Here are 5 simple outdoor projects to help grow your woodworking business and make extra money this summer.

and although the plans aren't all mine, they are free and in the description.

yard dice
easily transform a 4x4 into 25 yard dice. first, cut your 4x4 into 3-1/2" cubes.
no, we aren't sanding yet.
using a router I added a gentle round over to the sides we just cut, so they matched.
then, download my free plans to mark where the holes go. use an awl or something with a point. using a forstner bit, I drilled down the depth of the bit so they were equal.
paint the inside of the dice whatever color you wish, white and black are traditional, but dont be afraid to mix it up.
once the paint has dried. give it a light sanding to remove any paint you got on the face.
i like to use a clear coat spray, but again, dont be afraid to mix things up.

walla. you have yard dice.


Pinterest Plans:

outdoor bench
need a place to sit? this outdoor bench offers storage for cushions or fresbees or whatever people store outside. the creates came from a "thrift store" but good old Matthew Peech will show you how to build a few, and maybe down the road I will too. total cost around $40. simple construction lumber.


planter with storage
a planter box? shocker. My planters can be found in the Free Plan Planter Playlist.  This planter however has hidden storage for your hose. pretty cool. the build is done using pallet wood but the measurements can easily be made using cedar pickets.



porch swing
need more seating? here's a porch swing, made from simple instructions, loaded with pictures for assembly. and includes a handy hardware.


jenga set
six 2x4's, a little work and a little paint land you with this fun giant jenga game. this $18 build is $119 on Amazon. do you guys play jenga by adding the pieces to the top? if so, imagine how tall this is going to get?