Design Build VS General Contractor. TIPS for Your Next Home Project

Design Build VS General Contractor. TIPS for Your Next Home Project

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Design Build VS General Contractor. Learn TIPS for your next home project, what Design Build really is, and why it might be your best option for when going into your next home design and home improvement project. Sam Dorvil of Custom Homes Building & Remodeling shows us the best steps to hiring the right contractor for your next home project.

Homeowners don't always realize what is most important when going into home remodeling projects. Sam suggests to KNOW THE PROCESS of the project from start to completion, understand the quote, why communication is so important, and the true benefits of hiring a Design Build specialist.

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0:00 INTRO to hiring the right professional
0:38 Who is Custom Homes Building & Remodeling?
1:45 Know who you Hire
3:30 What is Design-Build?
4:48 Efficiency of Design-Build
7:40 Next step after drawing plans
8:41 TIPS to hire the right professional
10:42 Budget Management
13:05 Where to spend in home improvement
14:05 Understand the quote
15:10 First steps when looking into a kitchen remodel
16:56 Design-Build VS General Contractor
18:05 Benefits of Design-Build
19:53 Importance of Communication
21:45 Type of projects
22:53 Favorite project to date
24:13 Reality VS Reality TV
26:43 Contact Sam and his team
27:53 Special Thanks to Custom Homes Building & Remodeling

Find out why the Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach Home Design and Remodeling Shows is the perfect place for homeowners, interior designers, architects, builders, realtors, and any other type of industry professional looking for a one stop shop for all of your home remodeling needs.

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